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          The Jesus Story  and
            Jesus  In Me


The "Little BookS" making a
BIG IMPACT on Global Missions
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Share the Gospel and  teachings of Jesus Christ with  children

"Let the little children come unto Me..."

The Jesus Story and Jesus In Me is being used all over the world to introduce Jesus to children around the world. Children love the books and receive the message of Christ. Books and storyboards are used for missions work, hospital ministry, church and school curriculum, prison ministry, gifts and other ministries. Purchase books for your ministry or donate to provide books for others.


Our Partnerships

Praise Works is honored to have partnerships with organizations such as CURE International and Judea Hope to help spread the word of Jesus Christ to children on all corners of the earth. 

Justin Narducci,    President & CEO
CURE International

“Partnerships like these that build the kingdom of God in such a practical and tangible way are an absolute joy. The outcomes of when we combine the strength of each one’s area of expertise with a shared mission are making a difference to those who are in need of hope,”


Dr. Louis Blom, Group President 
Judea Harvest

We have over 130 000 children participating in Judea Hope’s child development centers and Sunday school classes that are connected to the churches we have helped start.... wonderful little “double book” that has proven successful with children in many countries, developed in the USA by Praise Works. The first half is “The Jesus Story” that tells the children about Jesus, and the second half is “Jesus in Me” that tells them how Jesus lives in them once they believe in Him.

Earnest Kioko - Head of Spiritual Ministry
CURE International

Praise Works Inc. brought in a simplified but comprehensive way to tell the Jesus story to the children we serve. The booklets are not only bringing an eternal perspective to many children, but also many are leaving our hospitals with the spiritual tools to use at home and share with other family members and community. Alone we could do little; together with Praise Works, we are telling the Jesus story to so many.

Our Vision

The vision for Praise Works is to provide the gospel of Jesus Christ to children and adults around the world in a simple easy to understand form.

The mission is to provide The Jesus Story and Jesus in Me in books and storyboards to individuals, churches and mission organizations throughout the world. These books and storyboards will enable children and adults to understand the message of God’s great love for them.

We would be happy to answer any and all questions you may have in regards to how you can be a part of spreading the word of Jesus Christ across the world.

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