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Dear Friends, 

The uniqueness of these two Christian books is that they present two very important messages for small children in words and pictures that make them understandable. The Jesus Story presents the message of Christ as our Savior and Jesus in Me presents the message of Christ as our Life. These books are simple "tools" for parents and grandparents, to be used to help young children to see Christ as Savior and Life and to invite Him into their lives. 

When children receive Christ at a very young age, their spiritual eyes are opened and they can understand God's word and hear Him in their spirit. Our Lord also gives them discernment that they do not have without their spirit being made alive. These books are written by a grandfather to be read to young children as soon as they will sit still long enough to listen. Older children, in the first few grades will enjoy reading them for themselves. I pray you use them to share the gospel.

In Christ,

Our Vision

The vision for Praise Works is to provide the gospel of Jesus Christ to children and adults around the world in a simple easy to understand form.

The mission is to provide The Jesus Story and Jesus in Me in books and storyboards to individuals, churches and mission organizations throughout the world. These books and storyboards will enable children and adults to understand the message of God’s great love for them.

At this time, Praise Works has no paid employees and very little administrative costs. This allows Praise Works to provide books free of charge to qualifying ministries and to support the printing of Christian books in other countries, which has become a major focus for sharing The Jesus Story and Jesus in Me

Praise Works, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to print and distribute The Jesus Story and Jesus in Me.

Tax ID: 75-3108167

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