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Dear Friends, 

Support for the ministry has been provided by sales of the books and contributions from the author and a small number of faithful annual supporters. Over the last 20 years over 500,000 books have been given at no charge to other ministries. In addition to these books, Praise Works has provided funds to print hundreds of thousands of books in Pakistan, Ethiopia, Kenya and South Africa. One generous benefactor has helped Praise Works provide over 100,000 books in 20 languages for CURE International hospitals around the world. Will you help us print more books in nations around the world? Click below! 

The number of mission’s organizations requesting books has increased in the past few years. Please ask our Father about partnering with Praise Works in this ministry with a monthly contribution, a one-time gift and adding Praise Works to the mission's budget of your local church. 

Thank you. 
Leslie Hammatt Bartel

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