The Jesus Story

Current Missions

The following ministries are distributing the books or printing in their own nations. Choose a need, make a donation in that name and your gifts will help with the printing and distribution for that area.

Casa de Gloria

We have been very impressed with The Jesus Story / Jesus In Me books. In children outreaches such as our annual Gift Box Giveaways, or our August Back to School Book Bag Bash. We read the stories to crowds using storyboard format of the books. The books capture the children's attention and they always respond to the salvation altar call. Then we put a book in the hands of the little ones who come forward. It is precious because you know they will take it home; share it with the rest of the family as they read it over and over again in their homes. We have witnessed first hand that the young tots are just as interested in The Jesus Story / Jesus In Me books.


Days after Festinios we held in three villages; La Barra, El Salto de Eyipantla, and San Andres Tuxtla in the San Andres Tuxtla region in the state of Veracruz in Mexico; we began to hear testimonies of the event. One family had previously been very closed minded to the things of God until the Festinios event. She made a tearful comment that never had she heard of or seen a church do anything even remotely similar as to what Casa de Gloria did for the children of the city. This annual event is open to everyone breaking down religious barriers because many religions were present receiving the shoe boxes. Her daughter was interested in the books and immediately began to read them. When Citlaly, one of Casa de Gloria's native young missionaries visited her in her house, she began to ask her if the Jesus portrayed in the book was real and still did miracles like giving sight to the blind and healing the sick. She told her He was the same today as when He walked the earth over 2000 years ago. As she talked to the young girl and answered her questions, she was moved and was lead in the sinner's prayer. Her life was directly touched because of the Jesus in Me book. 

These beautifully illustrated books portray Jesus in such a simple manner that everyone can understand what Jesus did for us. They spark a desire in the hearts of young and old all over Mexico to receive Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. These books are an awesome evangelistic tool that is placed in the hands of the reader and continues to be used by the reader even after we have picked up and left the villages. 

- Pat and Karen Warren- Casa De Gloria

Mexico Missions Inc.

Mexico Missions Inc. has been using Don Hammatt's children's books for the past 6 years. We have used the books in various ways and have always had a great response. When we put the books in our backpacks we noticed that the children took the book out of the backpack and began reading it first, when the backpack was full of toys! We have also seen the parents reading the books. The second book Jesus in Me has also been a great success. 

When Don printed them back to back and made them smaller and easier to transport they were even better. With 60% of Mexico's population under the age of 16, reaching out to children is a must. These books are one of the greatest evangelistic tools we have ever used. Thanks for being lead by the Spirit to do these books. 

- Phil Chain 
President, Mexico Missions Inc. 

A later note from Phil: Pastor Benjamin Pena in Mexico City is a church planter. He was so excited when we gave him these teaching tools. Benjamin said that his teaching this year has been that God is not just with you, He is in you. Benjamin said that he felt that many people don't understand this simple truth and that it is key to the victorious Christian life.